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Spanish Culinary Delight Set

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Dive into a world of unparalleled indulgence with thisSpanish Culinary Delight Set, a carefully curated ensemble designed to captivate the discerning palate. The Joselito Gran Reserva Shoulder, a masterpiece of Iberian ham, sets the stage for a celebration of flavor and sophistication.

Sip in style with the Chivas Regal 12-Year-Old Scotch Whiskey and the distinctive London No. 1 English Gin, each bottle contributing its unique essence to the festive spirit. The wine selection, featuring Juv� & Camps Reserva Familia Gran Reserva Cava, Dominio de Valdepusa Summa Varietalis, and Rioja Montecillo Gran Reserva, represents the epitome of Spanish viticulture.

A symphony of sweetness unfolds with nougat bars from Jijona and Alicante, complemented by the indulgent milk chocolate and almond nougat from Coloma Garc�a artisans. The array of delicacies continues with Tolosa tiles of caramelized almonds, authentic perrunillas, and the assorted Birba artisan cookie case.

This culinary journey is presented in a wicker bow basket, a visual masterpiece that mirrors the richness within. From the handcrafted confections to the premium spirits and wines, this gift is a gesture of refined taste, ideal for those who relish the finer nuances of gastronomic pleasure.

The Gift Hamper consists of:

� 1 Joselito Gran Reserva Shoulder from 4.50 to 5 kg approx.
�1 Bottle Chivas Regal blended Scotch whiskey 12 years 50 cl.
�1 Bottle English gin London No. 1 70 cl.
�2 Bottle of Juv� & Camps Reserva Familia Gran Reserva brut nature organic cava
�1 Bottle of Dominio de Valdepusa Summa Varietalis red wine
�1 Bottle of Rioja Montecillo Gran Reserva red wine
�1 Bottle of Rueda Emina Verdejo white wine from Bodegas Matarromera
�1 Bar nougat from Jijona supreme quality classic selection Coloma Garc�a artisans DO Jijona 200 g.
�1 Nougat bar from Alicante supreme quality classic selection Coloma Garc�a artisans DO Jijona 200 g.
�1 Bar of milk chocolate and almond nougat supreme quality classic selection Coloma Garc�a artisans 200 g.
�1 Case of Tolosa tiles of caramelized almonds Rafa Gorrotxategi artisan confectionery 75 g.
�1 Case of authentic perrunillas traditional recipe La Confitera 120 g.
�1 Assorted case of Birba artisan cookies 150 g.
�1 Case of marzipan with chocolate tradition Selection Coloma Garc�a artisans 200 g.
�1 Jar of peach halves in syrup Coquet jar 720 g.
�1 Jar of caramelized pipes tradition collection Coloma Garc�a artisans 160 g.
�1 Jar thick asparagus 9/12 Cojonudos 1/2 kg.
�1 Can belly of northern tuna in olive oil Los Peperetes OL-120
�1 Bag of round biscuits with oil and salt R�stica 100 g.
�1 Jar of duck mousse with Zubia boletus 190 g.
�1 Case of sliced ​​Iberian bait loin 50% Manuel Guill�n 100 g.
�1 Piece Dehesa del Yeltes Iberian acorn-fed chorizo ​​cular 500 g approx.
�1 Piece Dehesa del Yeltes Iberian acorn-fed cular salchich�n 500 g approx.
�1 Piece organic raw churra sheeps milk cheese Hacienda Zorita 500 g approx.

�Presented in wicker bow basket

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