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Plants Filled Into A Wheelbarrow

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Earliest Delivery : Monday, May 20, 2024

My wheelbarrow holds plants, flowers, and other yard supplies. What I like most about my wheelbarrow is that its not as bulky or heavy as a wagon. It also doesnt hurt that I put a ton of bricks in the back when I went out with my boyfriend to get plants and flowers so that the back always looks full. Another thing I like is that my handle makes it easy for me to push or pull it when I need to. Additionally, I like how I can use a wagon but still have the look of using a wheelbarrow by using a second smaller handle that we can attach to the front of our first one when we want to transport more than one thing at a time. Truly the best of both worlds! This Gift Consists Of: wheelbarrow loaded with beautiful natural plants to give them to whoever you want. Its averages are approximately 38x40 cm. You just have to water them and it receives natural light.

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