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Personalized Delights Box Assorted Treats

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Earliest Delivery : Monday, February 26, 2024

Indulge in the ultimate chocolate lovers dream with our Personalized Delights Box - Assorted Treats. This exquisite assortment of gourmet chocolates is the perfect treat for any occasion. Each box is carefully curated with a delectable selection of irresistible treats, personalized just for you.

Experience the rich and creamy goodness of Nutella with the Nutella b-Ready, a crispy wafer filled with smooth hazelnut spread. Dive into the perfect combination of hazelnut and chocolate with the Nutella & Go, a delightful snack that pairs creamy Nutella with crispy breadsticks. Delight in the mini jar of Nutella, perfect for spreading on toast, pancakes, or enjoying by the spoonful.

Discover the surprise hidden inside the Kinder egg, a beloved classic that brings joy to both children and adults. Enjoy the Kindergarten Good, a delightful chocolate bar filled with a creamy hazelnut filling, or the Kindergarten T4, a scrumptious treat filled with caramel and crispy cereal.

Savor the happiness of Happy Hiccup, a delicious chocolate bar that will make your taste buds dance with delight. Indulge in the velvety smoothness of Milka Oreo Bar, a perfect blend of creamy milk chocolate and crunchy Oreo cookies.

Each bite is a moment of pure bliss, as you create a unique chocolate experience that will satisfy your cravings. Treat yourself or surprise your loved ones with this luxurious Personalized Delights Box - Assorted Treats, and let the decadence of gourmet chocolates transport you to chocolate heaven.

The Gift Hamper consists of:

� 1 Nutella b- Ready;
� 1 Nutella & Go;
� 1 Nutella mini jar;
� 1 Kinder egg
� 1 Kindergarten Good
� 1 kindergarten T4
� 1 Happy Hiccup
� 1 about M&Ms
� 1 Milka Oreo Bar

Delivery Location : All Over Spain

Please note: We reserve the right to substitute items with similar quality & priced items without notice depending on availability.

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