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Luxurious Assortment Of Gourmet Delights

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Earliest Delivery : Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Introducing our exquisite gift package, The Gift, perfectly curated to please both wine aficionados and food enthusiasts alike. This carefully constructed selection is sure to delight the senses with its premium assortment of indulgent treats and tantalizing flavors.

First, we have the renowned red wine Rioja Marqu�s de Riscal Reserva, an iconic Spanish delight known for its velvety texture and complex aromas. Complementing this, we proudly present the refreshing white wine Rueda Jos� Pariente Verdejo, with its crisp citrus notes and vibrant character � ideal for those seeking a lighter yet equally sophisticated taste.

To further elevate the experience, weve included a luxurious case of finely sliced Iberian bait shoulder, a true delicacy that promises to melt in your mouth, delivering an explosion of rich, savory flavors. Accompanying this is a can of belly of northern tuna, bathed in exquisite olive oil, called Los Peperetes OL-120. Prepare to be captivated by its tender, succulent texture and the indulgent taste of the sea.

No gourmet selection would be complete without the irresistible inclusion of a block of foie gras de canard parfait �nec de lEmpord�. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this decadent delight is rich, smooth, and perfectly balanced, offering an unparalleled experience for the true epicurean.

To top it all off, we present a case of mini White Spike ciabattas, a delightful combination of crispiness and softness that will effortlessly complement every bite, enhancing the flavors of each delicacy within this collection.

Presented in an elegant kraft and black cardboard box, The Gift is not just a gesture; it is an unforgettable experience of luxury and indulgence. Perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, or any special occasion, this exceptional selection is bound to leave a lasting impression and provide a moment of pure pleasure and delight.

� 1 Bottle red wine Rioja Marqu�s de Riscal Reserva
� 1 Bottle Rueda Jos� Pariente Verdejo white wine
� 1 Case of sliced Iberian bait shoulder 50% Manuel Guill�n 100 g.
� 1 can belly of northern tuna in olive oil Los Peperetes OL-120
� 1 Block foie gras de canard parfait �nec de lEmpord� 130 g.
� 1 Case of mini White Spike ciabattas 80 g.
� Presented in a kraft and black cardboard box

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