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Make the best impressions at any event by shocking your loved ones with a scrumptious fruit combination. This enticing fruit combination is delivered fresh and ripe in a lovely presentation on a tray with some chocolates. Fruits like apricots, dragon fruit, blackberries, and pineapple are available. Fruits make sure that long after the celebrations are over, your loved ones will enjoy a healthy and happy life.

This gift consists of:
Measures: 50 x 35 x 7 cmpeso: 7 Kg. Approx. Content: * rope tray with fruit handles: * pineapple * pitaya * kiwis * apples *
Mangos * Pillots * Albaricoques * Moras * raspberries * blueberries * grapes
White Chocolates: * Cookie and Milk Chocolate Balls * Bub�n Nuez
* Cacahuete chocolate chocolate with VAT milk and transport included in the community of Madrid (outside the
Community: � 10 supplement)

Delivery Location : All Over Spain

Please note: We reserve the right to substitute items with similar quality & priced items without notice depending on availability.

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