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Exquisite Gourmet Collection With Gin

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Introducing The Gift, a luxurious assortment of carefully curated products that offers a true indulgence for those with refined tastes. With a delightful blend of sparkling wines, spirits, gourmet chocolates, artisanal confectioneries, and exquisite delicacies, this gift is designed to please even the most sophisticated palates.

The centerpiece of this collection are the limited edition bottles of Codorn�u Cuv�e 150th Anniversary cava, a tantalizing organic brut that evokes the essence of celebration. Accompanying this is the smooth and sophisticated 5TH Gin Black, a gin crafted with passion and precision.

For wine lovers, there are two remarkable selections: the robust Rioja Monte Real Gran Reserva and the rich and aromatic Ribera del Duero Protos Oak. Enhancing the variety is the refreshing Rueda Entreflores Verdejo white wine, capturing the essence of a sunny Spanish vineyard.

But its not just about the drinks � The Gift also includes mouthwatering treats that will delight the senses. The jijona nougat and the milk chocolate and almond nougat bars offer a perfect balance of sweetness and indulgence. Meanwhile, the La Estepe�a traditional Polvor�n case and the La Confitera puff pastry whims provide a taste of traditional Spanish pastries.

For chocolate lovers, the Red box chocolate collection is a sensory delight, while the Panettone with chocolate chips and candied orange by Rafa Gorrotxategi is a deliciously festive treat.

Savor the flavors of Spain with the Jar of Arbequina olives, the DONavarra white asparagus, and the selection of hand-sliced Iberian bait shoulder and Iberian bait loin. Complete the gastronomic journey with the premium sobrasada from Mallorca and the Iberian acorn-fed salchich�n.

Finishing off this extraordinary gift is the raw milk cheese Cerrato 1968 Old, a true delicacy that represents the rich culinary heritage of Spain.

The Gift is not just a collection of products; it is an invitation to indulge in the finest flavors and experiences that Spain has to offer. Whether its for a special occasion or simply to indulge oneself, The Gift is sure to be a memorable and luxurious experience.


� 2 Bottles of Codorn�u Cuv�e 150th Anniversary cava limited edition organic brut
� 1 Bottle of gin 5TH Gin Black 70 cl.
� 1 Bottle Yzaguirre classic red vermouth 75 cl.
� 1 Bottle red wine Rioja Monte Real Gran Reserva
� 1 Bottle of Ribera del Duero Protos Oak red wine
� 1 Bottle Rueda Entreflores Verdejo white wine
� 1 Bar of jijona nougat supreme quality Classic Selection Coloma Garc�a artisans DO jijona rilsan 200 g.
� 1 Premium quality Milk chocolate and almond nougat bar Classic Selection Coloma Garc�a artisans rilsan 200 g.
� 1 La Estepe�a traditional Polvor�n case 250 g.
� 1 La Confitera puff pastry whims case with honey 125 g.
� 1 Chocolate box Red box 200 g.
� 1 Panettone with chocolate chips and candied orange artisan confectionery Rafa Gorrotxategi 500 g.
� 1 Jar of Arbequina olives macerated home-style La Masrojana net weight 370 g.
� 1 Jar of DONavarra white asparagus 9-12 Baigorri fruits 370 ml.
� 2 Sliced ​​cases of Iberian bait shoulder 50% Manuel Guill�n 2x100 g.
� 1 Case of sliced ​​Iberian bait loin 50% Manuel Guill�n 100 g.
� 1 Piece sobrasada from Mallorca Premium Sa Caldera 400 g approx.
� 1 Piece Iberian acorn-fed salchich�n vela Ibedul 250 g.
� 1 Raw milk cheese Cerrato 1968 Old wedge 250 g.

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