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Looking for the perfect gift that will impress and delight your loved ones? Look no further than The Gift, a carefully curated selection of premium goodies that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

This exquisite gift set includes a high-quality assortment of beverages, such as the Bach cava Extremely brut nature, which boasts a refreshing and crisp taste, perfect for celebrations. The Botanicals English gin, a gold medal winner, brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to any cocktail hour. And for those who prefer wine, there are two delightful options to choose from � the rich and velvety Rioja Castillo Vineld�n Reserva and the robust and full-bodied Ribera del Duero Condado de Oriza Roble.

But thats not all � The Gift also indulges the sweet tooth with a selection of delectable treats. Antiu Xixona provides their signature nougat bars, including the nutty black label supreme quality and the tempting chocolate nougat with almonds. The red label cheesecake nougat bar adds a touch of luxury and decadence to the mix. And to complete the dessert experience, La Confiteras traditional perrunillas and Dulcestepas wine roscos offer a delightful crunch and sweetness.

But it doesnt stop there � The Gift also includes savory delights. The La Masrojana seasoned pitted verdial olives are a perfect accompaniment for any cheese board. The Bargall� extra virgin olive oil adds a touch of authenticity and flavor to any dish. Torres select Mediterranean salt potatoes are addictive and irresistible, while the duck mousse with Zubia boletus brings a savory and indulgent twist to any appetizer selection. And for meat lovers, the Iberian acorn-fed chorizo and salchich�n vela from Dehesa del Yeltes showcase the rich and intense flavors of traditional Spanish charcuterie.

To top it all off, The Gift includes a wedge of Lavega cured mixed cheese, perfect for enjoying with a glass of wine or sharing with friends and family.

Whether for a special occasion or simply to show someone you care, The Gift is a premium selection that promises to impress and delight. Each item has been carefully chosen and thoughtfully arranged in a beautifully presented package, making it a gift that will truly stand out. Treat your loved ones to the indulgence and luxury they deserve with The Gift.


� 2 Bottles of Bach cava Extremely brut nature
� 1 Bottle The Botanicals English gin 35 cl. Best Value Gold Medal CWSA 2022
� 1 Bottle red wine Rioja Castillo Vineld�n Reserva
� 1 Bottle of red wine Ribera del Duero Condado de Oriza Roble
� 1 Bottle Marqu�s de las Rocas white wine
� 1 Crocant nougat bar with nuts black label supreme quality Antiu Xixona 150 g.
� 1 Antiu Xixona supreme quality black label chocolate nougat bar with almonds 150 g.
� 1 Antiu Xixona supreme quality red label cheesecake nougat bar 150 g.
� 1 Rifacli traditional neula case
� 1 Case of authentic perrunillas traditional recipe La Confitera 120 g.
� 1 Case of Dulcestepa wine roscos 120 g.
� 1 La Confitera puff pastry whims case with honey 125 g.
� 1 La Estepe�a cinnamon stars case 100 g.
� 1 Jar of La Masrojana seasoned pitted verdial olives net weight 200 g.
� 1 Bottle of Bargall� extra virgin olive oil 250 ml.
� 1 Bag of Torres select Mediterranean salt potatoes 50 g.
� 1 Jar duck mousse with Zubia boletus 100 g.
� 1 Piece Iberian acorn-fed chorizo ​​Dehesa del Yeltes 150 g.
� 1 Piece Dehesa del Yeltes Iberian acorn-fed salchich�n vela 150 g.
� 1 Lavega wedge cured mixed cheese 200 g.

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