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A Timeless Ebro Flower Crown

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EURO  308.8

Earliest Delivery : Monday, February 26, 2024

The Ebro Flower Crown is a timeless and exquisite floral tribute to honor the memory of your loved ones. Meticulously crafted with the highest quality flowers, including elegant lilies, delicate chrysanthemums, and beautiful carnations, the flower crown rests on a base of ornamental greens, creating a harmonious and elegant design. The Ebro Flower Crown is a unique and thoughtful way to express your deepest sympathies and pay tribute to the cherished memories of your loved ones. Each flower represents a special meaning: the lilies symbolize purity and innocence, while the chrysanthemums symbolize loyalty and sincerity, and the carnations represent love and admiration. The combination of these flowers, along with the lush greens, creates a stunning and meaningful arrangement that exudes everlasting beauty and grace.

The Gift consists of:
� Ebro Flower Crown

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